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Welcome to the first Noodle & Dumpling Bar in London. Our mission is to produce the healthiest, highest quality food in London.

"Our noodles are made fresh and exclusively for us. When we could not get good enough noodles in the UK, we sent someone back to Beijing to learn how they are made properly."

- David Lau / Founder, New Culture Revolution

The Art of Balance

At New Culture Revolution we put a strong emphasis on the proper combination of fresh ingredients, promoting good health, long life and energy through a delicate balance of fibre, protein and vegetables.


You will not find any monosodium glutamate or any artificial additives in our food. We use only the finest and the most natural ingredients to preserve flavour and goodness - just as nature intended!

Culture from the North of China

Northern China has a cold and tough environment where food has to be served in substantial, robust and generous portions. The staple diet is wheat rather than rice hence the variety of jiao-ji mein (dumplings and noodles). You may alternatively prefer our delicious rice dishes and a wide range of vegetarian delicacies.

Revolution Now

Our modern restaurants pride themselves on the friendly and efficient service.
Come and enjoy our food thatís not only healthy and delicious but also great value.
Be good to yourself and eat at New Culture Revolution!

New Culture Revolution
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